Classes start August 12th 2019!

 Looking to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and take courses in Dementia Care and Communication?


Our care Partner development program is dedicated to helping students understand the importance of becoming a caregiver. Many parts of this program will include better ways to communicate and partner with someone who is living with dementia. The skills you will learn will help you understand that you are not just a CAREGIVER, you are a CARE PARTNER. Being a care partner is so much more than doing day to day chores FOR someone; it is being a part of their lives and doing their activities of daily living WITH them. Every care partner plays an important role in the lives of someone living with dementia.  No matter how big or small the task maybe, your support means everything to someone who is relying on you to assist them. Have you thought about how you want to be cared for?

If you are interested in the Care Partner development class, please fill out the form below. Every application is reviewed carefully to be chosen for a scholarship. If chosen the student will not have any fees to attend this class to receive 20 hours of Dementia Care training, Home Health Aide Certification as well as their Certified Nursing Assistant License. Please fill out the form completely. If chosen you will receive an email or a phone call for further follow up. This program requires a Physical and a background check. Good Luck!

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